Business Plan Writers – Are They Worth Your Time? (A Client’s Perspective)

Business Plan Writers – Are They Worth Your Time

We all want to be the sailor of the ship, at least at some point in life. Taking your own decisions and not asking for help or advice has an excitement and an adrenaline rush of its own. However, have you ever heard about a falling ship? This is when you try to do everything by yourself because you believe that seeking help or advice might undermine your authority. Professional consultants exist for a reason, and therefore it is better to get some preliminary advice from qualified business plan writers before you build a ship, i.e. start a business.


Post-Mortem of Failed Startups

There are many people who are big on ideas, and even bigger on implementation; however, the planning is minimal in the whole scenario. This is the very reason why businesses fail. Some of the popular startups that have failed, citing unrealistic goals, ill-planned business processes, weak strategies, and not sufficient financing, include Bridj, Quixey, Stayzilla, BTCjam, and HomeHero.

Post-Mortem of Failed Startups

There are over 200 startups mentioned in the CB Insights Blog, dated June 9, 2017 that have failed citing various reasons for their fate. However, when you summarize their statements and work on it to find similarities, you will find that all of these startups had ineffective planning that led to their demise. Business plan writers can give entrepreneurs a clear direction after doing the complete math.


What Do Business Plan Writers Actually Do? (A Client’s Perspective)

Many people blame business plan writers for stealing ideas and presenting them as their own, however, a credible firm’s employees are bound by contract to receive every idea as a project, and offer their professional insights as well as opinions. However, there is a wide difference between business plan writers and business plan consultants.

  • Business plan writers focus on the writing of the plan and the preparation of final documents. Their job is limited to bringing together appropriate words to compile an attractive and promising business idea.
  • Business plan consultants take the responsibility of the entire development process of a business plan, depending on what views and ideas you have with your business plan.

So, Do You Need One?

What Do Business Plan Writers Actually Do

If you believe that you have a strong grip on research (on market, customers, competitors, financials) required for your business, and have an idea of the recipe for success, you will just need the help of qualified business plan writers to draft a convincing narrative and prepare the documents. Even if you provide bullet points, a business plan writer will be able to stretch each point into a strong paragraph. Moreover, if you have a knack for financial analysis, you can easily evaluate the work of a business plan writer and build a strong relationship.


Freelance Business Plan Writers – Are They Worth Your Time?

If you are going for freelance business plan writers thinking they are cheap, you are wrong! The freelance market today has not only attracted professionals but students as well, and so you need to keep an eye out for skilled professionals as compared to students looking for a part-time income. This does not mean that students can only provide you with a sub-standard service but seeking a professional’s help, who knows the industry in-and-out, will be a more satisfying option, and worth your time and money.


The Final Verdict

Freelance Business Plan Writers – Are They Worth Your Time

Yes, you need to hire business plan writers only if you have a complete and full-proof plan in place, and only need a combination of convincing words to present your idea to investors, immigration case officers or your partners. If you have no clue, then hiring business plan consultants will be a more suitable option.


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