Data Security – A Necessity in Today’s Business World

We are living in an era that makes an extensive use of the internet, software, and cloud-based solutions. All of this means more and more data on a daily basis that businesses have to rely on. Regardless of the type of business or even the niche, the amount of data that is to be created, analyzed, managed, and stored is tremendous. This is why data security is extremely important. A minor breach can cause confidential information about your business to be leaked or data to be lost. It should go without saying that in case of any such events, the operations of your business can take a serious hit, leading to a decline in the overall performance and productivity, which ultimately affects the profitability of your business in a negative way.

What’s the Solution?

The good news is that owing to the importance of data security for businesses, extensive research is always being carried out to make things safer and more secure for the organization. With Informatica consulting and implementation, you can take it for granted that the data privacy and security of your business is being taken seriously. Provided that you have chosen the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of data security and privacy while maintaining its reliability that is essential for optimum performance.

It should go without saying that data privacy and protection is the very value on which Informatica designs its solutions. The Secure Development Lifecycle ensures that data protection is kept as the pinnacle and all of the loopholes in terms of data security are addressed right at the stage of development. In order to ensure data security, Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services make use of an AES-128 key to encrypt all of your business data. The industry grade encryption offers the peace of mind that an unbreakable mode of encryption is being used and the protection of your data is seen as a priority. TLS-1.2 or even better protocol is also used for the encryption of business data in transit.

How Does It Work?

With the Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services, you can have all of your data hosted on a public cloud but on a private tenant. There are always going to be many other customers who have their data uploaded and stored in the same public cloud; the segregation enables your data from being mixed with any other data. This is similar to a hotel with multiple rooms. While there may be several other guests staying at the same hotel, you will have your dedicated room where all of your baggage will be stored. It will be free of all outside influences and you will be the sole entity in charge of determining who has access to your room and the stuff you have inside. Similarly, in the public cloud, you will have your dedicated compartment where your data will be stored and no one apart from authorized personnel will have access to your confidential information.

What More Does It Have to Offer?

Another added benefit of Informatica consulting and implementation is that you will not have to worry about all of the tools and solutions being maintained and updated according to the latest industry standards. If you have succeeded in implementing the solution properly, this will automatically be ensured.

As soon as a new feature is introduced, you will get an update on the Informatica Intelligent Cloud Service that will incorporate the security feature. In simpler words, be it data protection, system configuration, security response, malware protection, identity and access management, or application and network security, Informatica will be at your disposal with its state-of-the-art solutions, preventing you from any kind of disappointment and data-related complications. What’s more is that with Informatica, you will no longer have to worry about compliance with the standards or regulations which are specific to your particular industry.

This is how Informatica has managed to earn the trust of its consumers and build long-term bonds with its valuable clients.

Take-Home Message

As evident from the information mentioned above, Informatica is known to use technical, administrative, and organizational skills to develop security tools for your business which cater to your individual requirements while keeping privacy as the topmost priority. With consistent maintenance and evaluation reports, it is ensured that the measures are applicable and effective for your business at all times.

All in all, Informatica consulting and implementation would be a commendable idea for ensuring that you adopt the proper solution in the correct way to keep your business protected against cyber attacks. The solution will offer a safe and secure environment that complies with all standards and regulations while offering just enough room for calculated risks which are imperative for the continuous growth and expansion of your business. The affordable price makes it an even more fascinating solution to implement for optimal performance of your business and maximum profitability in the long run.