Why Opt for Informatica Consulting and Implementation

The management of business data with the utilization of cloud-based technologies has evolved to become a trend over the past few years. Many businesses have moved to cloud data management to improve accessibility and make operations more convenient for the employees. Informatica is one of the leading names in the market when it comes to cloud data management. As a business owner, however, you need a lot more information than that to be convinced of the importance of Informatica consulting and implementation. The scope of this article is to let you know the reasons why choosing Informatica for cloud data management is a commendable idea.

Streamlined Process

Moving your data, as well as the workload, to the cloud isn’t always as convenient as it may seem at first. If you have opted for native tools or one-off systems for the purpose, the entire process is destined to be frustrating. You may need human intervention at some level and the probability of an error at any stage is increased exponentially. However, with Informatica, you can kick back and relax since the solution being offered is known for its orchestration and automation functionality that eases the process of data deployment.

Improved Compatibility

If you have been in business for a while, it must not be lost on you that the requirements of your business are prone to change over the course of time. This is what signifies the importance of flexibility when it comes to choosing a data management platform. It is a common practice for businesses to move the data not only between cloud platforms, but also to the on-premise storage on a consistent basis. Provided that you have opted for Informatica consulting and implementation, you will have a platform at your disposal that is convenient to integrate with a wide range of public cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, and Oracle cloud. The flexibility to move your data between various cloud platforms comes with an additional layer of security as well, something that helps in preventing a data breach.

Increased Efficiency

A major reluctance when it comes to businesses moving their data to the cloud is in terms of the time it takes for the migration to be completed and the business to return to its normal operations. To counter this, Informatica has state-of-the-art solutions that use compression for efficient replication while also keeping a check on duplication. This saves a huge amount of time and, hence, prevents productivity loss for the business while making the entire process as cost-effective as possible. What’s more is that the solution is also compatible with migrating the data that has already been compressed or deduplicated. This is essential to optimize the speed enhancements while keeping the cost in check.

Effective Data Management

Depending on the size of your business, or perhaps with the passage of time, it is highly likely that your data will be stored in or spread across multiple locations. However, in order to effectively use and manage the data at your disposal, you would need a comprehensive view of the entire data. With Informatica consulting and implementation, you get hold of the data management platform that provides you this comprehensive view so that you have a better idea of what data is available, where it is located, and how it can be used to streamline the operations of your business.

Inbuilt Data Recovery

Last but not least, one of the most prominent or, rather, indispensable features that a cloud management platform must offer is an inbuilt data recovery feature. Regardless of how secure you think your data is in the cloud, there is always a risk of data loss, be it in the form of a security breach or perhaps a disaster. Under such circumstances, businesses can struggle to get back on their feet if the data is not made available in a timely manner. This is why Informatica leads the market of cloud data management with over two decades of success stories from all over the world. Informatica integrates the data recovery solution with cloud data management in order to ensure that your data is properly backed up at all times and can be made available in a timely fashion even in the event of a disaster. This greatly reduces the risk, the cost, and the unnecessary loss of productivity for a business.

As evident from the information mentioned above, Informatica is your one-stop shop for all of your cloud data management requirements. The good news is that Informatica offers a 30-day free trial for all of its solutions so you can have a hands-on experience before you choose to subscribe to the service and pay for the premium version. 30 days is more than sufficient to familiarize yourself with the solution, have your queries answered, and be convinced of its application and usefulness in the context of your business. So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to the free trial now and witness how all your worries regarding cloud data management are effectively addressed by Informatica.