Consulting & Business Plans

BPW’s business plan consultants all bring an objective and independent perspective that will help clarify your opportunity and develop your business proposition to a level where it is ready to present to a bank, potential investor or internal stakeholder.

All of our business plan writers have held senior commercial roles and have first-hand experience of creating investable business plans and securing debt or equity funding.

Using a professional business plan writer will ensure that you have every chance of success when seeking funding for your business. It will also ensure that you have a blue print for the internal management of your business. Our business plan writers have helped a wide variety of businesses across many industries and have an impressive track record with a reputation for “excellent results”, “deep business understanding” and “value” as our case studies and client testimonials demonstrate.

BPW’s expertise and experience covers market potential reports, feasibility studies, business plan writing, private placement memorandums, grant & competition applications and fund-raising for large, medium and small entities. We also help international entrepreneurs with migration visa business plans and UK investment opportunities.

You will be fully engaged in all aspects of the development of your business plan and our experts work very closely with you during the process to ensure you have complete understanding of the final document and process.

We also have a special division dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs offering the most competitive business plan services fees available.

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