Why You Need a Business Plan for Success in 2018

Knowing all the details beforehand can do you more good than jumping into something uninformed. Don’t you think that preparing yourself for the challenges ahead can keep you safe from all the problems that may arise and take you down with them? The business world is volatile and, therefore, if you are planning to start a business or invest in an idea that seems too vague, you must opt for a business plan for success in 2018!

It may seem like too much of a hassle that can easily be avoided by skipping right to the part where the action is, but once you leap right in with the investment, you will notice that it is not as easy as it seems. In fact, there are several well-known names in the industry that have failed just because they did not want to go too deep in at the planning stage and skip to the part where the directors were sitting at the boardroom table, watching their company prosper.

Now that we have established that a business plan is crucial for a start-up (and even for an established business), you need to understand the several functions that a business plan can help achieve.

Why Do You Need a Business Plan?

Having a clear, well-defined path means that you have to encounter fewer hurdles before you can reach your destination. Similarly, a business needs a plan to steer away from start-up barriers and towards success. A business plan can also help with expansion, gaining a competitive edge or the willingness to achieve certain goals that seem too far-fetched presently. This is what a business plan can achieve for you.

Lay Out All the Cards on the Table (Strengths and Weaknesses)

Just imagine that you have a well-planned day ahead of you, and it is all written down for you to follow. Nothing is set in stone but you still know what your strengths are and what needs to be done that would require the help of others. Not only will this give you confidence, it will also help identify any problems that may pop up along the way.

A business plan helps you define your vision, mission, and goals beforehand so that you are not biting your nails when it comes to corporate social responsibility or dumping chemicals in the nearby lake – it will help dictate all your decisions. Moreover, a business plan also requires you to sketch out a detailed marketing and operations plan so that you are well aware of your target market, the position you want in the market and how you plan to go about achieving it. Once all of this is present, you will have a much more solid base and something promising to look forward to.

Help Get Financing

A business plan for success in 2018 is extremely important if you want potential investors to be interested in your idea and fuel it with their fortune. Along with the corporate strategy, marketing plan, and operations plan, a business plan also offers a glimpse of your financial position at present, as well as that in five to ten years in the future. It is always beneficial to offer the audience detailed financial estimations so that they know you do not just want their money, but are truly invested in the idea, physically as well as mentally.

Financial estimations should include an initial capital outlay, first-year expenses, 3-10 year financial estimations that include income statements, balance sheet, and cash flow forecasts, along with any personal bank statements you would want to bring notice to.

Help Prioritize

A well-thought-out business plan is the most valuable tool in achieving long-term goals.

Growing up, we always read about scarce resources and tight competition between humans to survive. The business world is no different. There are limited resources, especially if they are unique, so you need to focus on prioritizing. Directing your energy and resources towards something meaningless will certainly incur losses, which is what you want to avoid at any cost, especially in the beginning. Moreover, careful planning and prioritizing helps you pass smoothly over frequent bumps during the initial stage, including legal issues, environmental problems, vendor management, etc.


Once you have a business plan, you have the benefit of taking a step back and looking at how the business is running. Having employees give you feedback is a great way to learn more about the operations. This will also keep them in the loop, ensuring that they are more motivated and willing to contribute to your business. In addition to this, a business plan also helps provide a sense of control and achievement, assuring you of a consistent pay-off after a somewhat specified period of struggle.

On the other hand, you have knowledge of the market, the industry you operate in, the moves of your competitors, as well as more than just a vague idea of the future challenges that may arise. All of this will strengthen your position and bring stability to the business.

Now That I Have a Business Plan, What’s Next?

Great question!

It is always better to review and update your business plan as you go. Reminding yourself of the priorities you have set, the goals you want to achieve, changing the strategies that seem incompatible with the current market position, and the new opportunities you want to compete for that may show up at any moment, you must always be on top of things. Moreover, regular brainstorming sessions alone or with the team can help you come up with better ways to conduct business.

To write a business plan for success in 2018, you need focus and time, which is rare these days. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you can always hire business plan consultants to draw out a viable plan that will have all necessary elements needed to propel your business forward.