How to pick a business plan consultant

When you are starting a small business or are finding ways to grow your existing one, you will need the assistance of a business plan. A business plan is really important in this day and age and without it, the chances your business will thrive are really slim. It is imperative that you devise a business plan before starting a business and for that, you are going to need the help of a business plan consultant.

Selecting a business consultant is not an easy task because you will have to interview several business plan consultants before you make a decision of whom you want to work with. It is necessary for you to determine who you want to work with because the more comfortable you are with the consultant the easier it is to create a plan and work on it jointly. But before you pick your business consultant you should ask yourself the following questions because if you opt for a cheap and easy option, in the long run, it can be really haunting for you and your business.

Why do I need a consultant for my business plan?

An exceptional consultant has ample experience of working in and with a broad range of businesses. This acquired knowledge of business planning of the consultant makes him worthwhile. An exceptional consultant will have experience of working in various types of businesses and industries, whereas having ample experience in the functioning, financing and most importantly in the marketing and sales of a company.

An excellent consultant doesn’t only need an MBA or CA qualification. He needs to have ample amount of experience in widely ranged and specific types of business. The consultant must have strong real-world involvement with several companies and also with different industries to be considered an exceptional consultant.

Will the consultant write the business plan for me?

First of all, you should never reach out to a consulting agency that promises you that they will “write a business plan for you”. A prominent business planning agency will create a business plan discussing each step with you.

Some self-proclaimed business plan experts will only ask you for little details of your business and write a plan with even meeting you once or even won’t speak with you. This can only produce a worthless business plan. As the client you are the person who knows the most about your business and you should work accordingly with the consultant throughout the period in which the plan is written. This type of working in which the client is in discussion with the consultant is really effective and can increase the chances of your success.

How can I afford a consultant and run a company at the same time?

It is important you realize that when you start a company, you might not have sufficient amount of money. So the chances of making mistakes get low when you are in the initial phase of the start-up. A business consultant is not an expense for you at that moment; it is to be considered as an investment… an investment which will assist you in your start-up and help you get on your feet in the business world!

Should I be cautious when selecting a consultant for my business plan?

It is necessary that your business consultant is with you throughout the writing process. However this approach will take time, but the more time you take on your project will make a remarkable difference in your self-confidence and the value of your plan. This will help you when you are face to face with a potential investor, as you truly know all aspects of your business plan this will make it really easier for you to explain it to them.

If an agency tells you that they will complete your business plan within days or just provide you with a template telling you to fill in all your data where it is needed, all this will only cause your money to go down the drain. You should be extremely cautious with companies that are operating in this way as it is a way for them to make quick money. You should look out for “generic” or “template” business plans.

You should ensure that you collaborate with a notable business plan agency whose style ensures you that the plan you create with them is yours and is not some generic plan that has been created by business plan software or an inexperienced plan writer.

What are the chances of attracting investors if you avail the services of a business plan consultants?

All investors and financiers need a flawless and feasible business plan before they approve for funding, but even that does not ensure funding. Investors will assess a number of things before giving a loan or making a decision if they want to invest or not?

They will consider a lot of different things before they make an investment like they will look if the business plans viable or the financial model or the experience of the entrepreneurs. After that, it is the responsibility of the client to sell his idea to the investors.

Should your business consultant be local?

In this day and age, it is really easy to connect with anyone from anywhere without any difficulty. You should not only consider local consultants for your business plans. You can use modern technology to connect with consultants who are recognized worldwide. When you will consult with experienced business plan writers, you will get a clear idea of whom to work with and who you can be most compatible with you. This will eventually help your business in achieving maximum success.


In this day and age, it is really important to have business plan consultant who understands where you see your business to be and devise a plan which can help your business grow substantially and be fruitful to you.