Do You Need A UK Visa Business Plan Writer?

While most people will advise you that setting-up your own business in the UK is quick and easy, it is not all that easy if you do not approach your idea strategically or have an endorsement letter by a UK government approved body. Living in the UK can be challenging, especially if you are out of work, do not have a strong resume or are planning to migrate from abroad.

It is crucial for entrepreneurs or new business owners to get professional strategic business plan assistance before you put all your hard earned money into the new venture and consider moving to the UK. Hiring a business plan writer with a specialisation in the UK visa process and is connected to the UK endorsement bodies can help you through the planning phase, selecting an endorsement body and connecting you to a trusted immigration law firm to complete your visa application.

Types of business plans and UK immigration visas we can assist with:

  • UK Start-up visa – Must be a new innovative business idea not available on the market, must be endorsed by University or business with a history of supporting UK entrepreneurs
  • UK Innovator visa, £50,000 in funds

Our business planning experts with oversight by our in-house legal counsel write well researched and strategic professional business plans. Many on our team have served in senior management and operating executive positions of start-up, small, mid-sized and large corporations. For more information visit our website or contact us today!