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Why UK Business Plan Experts Rock!

In 2016, the number of start-up companies in the UK rose from 608,000 (in 2015) to 660,000, according to an article published in the Financial Times. This figure has risen even further in the last 24 months, indicating that the UK still remains a hot hub for innovative entrepreneurs, despite the recent political instability and

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Market Research & Feasibility 101

“People are always telling you to invest money like it’s the easiest thing to do in the world. Like for a layman, any kind of financial investment is a guarantee of income. However, in the real world, things aren’t that simple. In fact, if it were that easy, every other bloke would be rolling around in money. The

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The Importance of a Tier-1 Visa Business Plan

The United Kingdom offers aspiring immigrants a number of options to move to and settle down in the country. The TIER-1 point-based system, in particular, hands out different kinds of visas to people wanting to move to the UK. These include the Tier-1 (Investor), Tier-1 (Post Study Work), and the Tier-1 (Entrepreneur) visas, which are

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How to Write Immigration Business Plans

Planning, launching, and then successfully running a business, let alone in a foreign land, can be extremely stressful and challenging. But, as an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to work on their dreams elsewhere and experience the sweet embrace of success, your excitement is understandable, though you shouldn’t let it cloud your judgment and prevent you

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